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3 reasons why your business needs a Professional Photographer

Professional photography is no longer an optional business expense – more businesses, of all sizes, are choosing to have product photographed by a professional. Doing so can enhance the brand image of your business online, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook.

To grow your online business, you can benefit from hiring a professional photographer.

Here are some ways professional photography can help you #ConnectMORE with your customers:

Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

Featuring low resolution or poor quality images on your website and social media channels can give your brand an unprofessional reputation. Ebay reported that listings with better photo quality are ten times more successful, which makes sense – people like to buy products that look good! They also like to see the features of the product before making a purchase.

Composition and lighting become very important and the use of a variety of camera settings can help accurately represent and enhance the appearance of your product. Professionals know how to position your product to make it look appealing – “Photograph my good side!”

This is particularly important for realtors looking to showcase their listings online. High quality photos can improve the look of a home and add value to your listing.

Photos captured with wide angles and an abundance of light can allow online viewers the opportunity to consider booking a walk through. Photos that capture the home in a real-life situation look more polished and professional compared to unflattering, blurred photos captured with your mobile device. Having professional photos taken of a listing also informs potential buyers that you have made an investment in a worth-while listing!

When you schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with CC Communications, we will show you how can use professional photography to improve brand recognition as well as increase your sales.

Improve your Social Media Image

Images uploaded to social channels can be captured with your mobile phone very conveniently. However, the images captured with your mobile device may appear small, grainy, and compressed when uploaded.

Although phone cameras are becoming more advanced, a professional DSLR digital camera can produce high-quality images due to a variety of manual settings including the ability to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and ISO lighting to capture a perfect shot.

Most mobile device cameras operate in an automatic mode, which limits these functions. In addition, social channels also compress the photos you upload affecting their visual appearance so it is important to consider having the highest quality photo to begin with.

Facebook recommends that images with a resolution of at least 1024 x 1024 be used to avoid visual distortions when uploaded.

For product photos, a white background is also recommended and the use of a well lit area. Products should also be photographed up close and, if possible, active in a real-life situation.

Facebook discourages the use of images containing text or watermarks, as well as, offensive content.

Establish a Personal Connection 

When it comes to your online presence, personalized and relevant photos are recommended. Stock images, are easily replicated by a variety of businesses for a variety of purposes and can fail to showcase your unique brand. To stand out, your business should use “organic” photos that specifically refer to your business location, product selection, and brand.

Marketing Experiments recently found that when a stock image of a model was used in comparison to a picture of a real employee on the homepage of a website, visitors were 35% more interactive and willing to sign up for a consultation. The study resulted in this key principle: An image is only as valuable as the value it communicates.

Personal and unique photos can translate into more conversions and actions on your website from new visitors.

A professional photographer has the equipment and technical knowledge to take photos that can increase your sales, boost social engagement and give your customers a personal connection with your brand.

At CC Communications, we can help you come up with relevant and personal image concepts, and professionally photograph and edit photos before optimizing them for online use.

If you would like to learn more about how our professional photography services can help your business #ConnectMORE, schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with us today!