Realtors, It Pays to Use Social Media!

Realtors, Open more doors with the use of Social Media! 

Real Estate Agents continue to build their credibility and relationships in person, over the phone and through the visual promotional materials as well as signage. It is a well-known fact that realtors have a great opportunity to increase their reach and sphere of influence by using social media to interact with the market. With close to 200 realtors (according to the Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Board) in the local market of Sault Ste. Marie, it is becoming increasingly important for realtors to use social media as an effective marketing “tool” and to avoid using it in a manner that could be counterproductive. Knowledge of keywords, stunning photography that highlights the attributes of a listing, and consistent management make for a successful social media recipe!

It’s pays more. Here’s how: 

  • Offers Increased Exposure Being on social media drastically opens up the sphere of influence and opportunity for referrals. It allows you an opportunity to showcase each individual listing in a professional manner. Your clients want to know that you, as their realtor, are invested in the sell of their home. Social media publication is a visual example that you are going above and beyond to showcase your client’s home but, also, in an affordable manner.
  • Connects you to a larger clientele and showcases your brand Followers can communicate with you directly to learn about your listings as well as request a walk-through through private message. This takes convenience to a new and higher level. Have you ever held a conversation with a sign?
  • Provides business credibility and offers accountability Social media gives brands a chance to interact directly and immediately with their customers. Using LinkedIN for example, allows potential buyers to research your credibility, previous employment experience, and provides an overall professionalism to your brand. The magnitude of social media’s usefulness comes from its ability to connect with new audiences while helping engage potential clients. It helps establish a trustworthy image of you, as the realtor of choice.

CC Communications assists professionals with the set-up and management of their social media networks including profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN to ensure that the overall reach of your published posts will be successful. We specialize in creating interactive, conversational content proven to increase traffic and brand exposure while making it convenient for realtors to #ConnectMORE with potential clients.

Stand Out with Professional Photography

In today’s social media world a picture is worth a thousand words! As a realtor you have only a few seconds to catch a potential buyer’s attention as they scroll through their newsfeed. CC Communications provides professional Real Estate Photography services with the intention of showcasing your listing to potential buyers in a manner that is captivating.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 9 out of 10 house hunters start their house hunting experience on the Internet.

Buyers are increasingly judging a home’s character by the photos used to market it. Bad photos may cost realtors a showing, or, even worse, they can impact the overall perspective a potential buyer may make of them. One way of improving your presence in the “real estate game” is to invest in a real estate photographer.

“I can do it myself, I own an Iphone that can take pictures”  – Did you know that Facebook can discern whether or not a photo has been captured by a phone and a DSLR camera? Having photos with a high resolution, that have been professionally photographed have 30% more visibility due to Facebook’s new Algorithm.

Grainy photos can make a house look unwelcoming. Dark shadows and reflections can fall into the frame from the wrong angle. Make a positive first impression with each listing you post on social media by having well developed photos to capture the beauty and detail of a listing to potential buyers.

To learn more, book you free 30-minute consultation! I would also love to learn about your current listings!

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